Just as the name suggests, TRAX is all about being on track
with your tax. Our mission is to help every working individual
prepare for the notorious tax-season.

We want to help you improve the accuracy of your financial expenses and assist you to keep better record of personal tax returns.

In essence TRAX not only benefits you as the user, but a weight will be lifted off your accountants shoulders too. TRAX simplifies boosting your tax return in accordance with the ATO and makes tax-time a breeze for everyone. Reduce the risk of making any errors, eliminate unnecessary paperwork and the tedious task of digging through receipt shoeboxes and logbooks.

TRAX makes tax time less of an obligation with its convenient features that are quick and easy to use on the go. TRAX is precise with all its records so you know everything entered into its database follows the ATO requirements. TRAX will keep you out of any strife and ultimately help you maximise your tax return.

The key to TRAX is that is combines all the compliance issues required by the tax office while simplifying the means of supplying these details for accountants and their clients.

TRAX provides people the opportunity to achieve their goals by using both financial and non-financial data. If anyone is audited the key is to be able produce records, documentary evidence and receipts of everything claimed, TRAX can solve all of these issues.

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