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When you download TRAX we collect personal information about you, and (where relevant) authorised representatives on your account. If you are an authorised representative on someone else’s account, we may also collect information direct from you, for example if you provide your credit card information for use on an account. This allows us to connect you to TRAX and allows us to provide and administer that service. This information may include your name, date of birth, contact details such as email address, credit card or bank account information, drivers licence number, TRAX password and other information relevant to the provision of your TRAX account.

We collect information regarding activity on the TRAX mobile application and website, such as the number of visitors to the application and website, the date and time of those visits, the number of pages viewed in a session, navigation patterns and, where relevant, websites visited before visiting that website. If you are a TRAX customer, we may link information about your website activity or usage with your account information.

This information provides TRAX with statistics that we can use to analyse and improve our products and services. We may also use browsing and viewing habits data to deliver targeted marketing, advertising and content from TRAX, relating to your preferences or interests.

We collect, hold, use and disclose your personal information:

  1. to assess your application and verify your credit worthiness for a TRAX subscription;

  2. to connect you to, and provide and administer your TRAX account, including billing and collecting unpaid amounts from you, contacting you about your TRAX account, and disconnecting or resolving any disputes about your TRAX account;

  3. to provide you with recommendations about use of your TRAX account and to personalise your experience with us;

  4. to develop and enhance our products and services;

  5. to manage network traffic, infrastructure use, quality and performance;

  6. to monitor your data allowance in relation to specific to your TRAX account;

  7. to conduct research and to plan and develop our product and marketing strategies;

  8. to provide and operate our competitions, events and promotions;

  9. to promote and market products and services of ours and our partners;

What happens if I don’t allow you access to my personal information for direct marketing purposes? We will always use any personal information we have on you with a strict level of confidence. We use it to ensure that we can talk to you about ways to enhance your TRAX account, how to find the content you like, tell you about new services and applications and give you access to offers that we think will help you get the most out of your TRAX account. We will also use the information to provide you access to exclusive experiences that are linked to your preferences.

We may disclose your personal information to:

  1. authorised representatives on your account;

  2. entities who assist us in providing, administering, supporting, improving, promoting and marketing our products and services and our competitions, events and promotions, including suppliers, contractors, website hosting service providers, debt collectors, data storage and management companies including providers of cloud services, channel providers, and interactive advertisers;

  3. companies that promote and market, or conduct research to help us improve and target, our products and services;

  4. credit-reporting bodies or credit providers for credit related purposes such as creditworthiness, credit rating or default listing;

  5. telecommunication service providers or to our wholesale telecommunication provider in relation to the connection or disconnection of your services;

  6. the Integrated Public Number Database Manager where the information is used to do things like write phone directories and assist with the dispatch for emergency services;

  7. law enforcement and national security agencies, other government and regulatory authorities and other organisations as required or authorised by law, including in relation to investigating and resolving disputes or complaints concerning your TRAX account;

In some circumstances we may be a credit provider to you and may collect from, or disclose ‘credit information’ about you to, a credit reporting body. In these circumstances, ‘credit information’ (as defined in the Privacy Act) may include:

  1. personal identification information (such as your name, date of birth and address);

  2. information about your TRAX account (such as the date it was connected, frequency of payments etc.);

  3. information about unpaid or overdue amounts, default listings or credit infringements; or

  4. any other public information about your credit worthiness, including bankruptcy proceedings.

  • use this credit reporting information to assess your credit worthiness prior to becoming a TRAX customer or in the management of your TRAX account; or

  • disclose credit information back to a credit reporting body, including in circumstances where your account is overdue or unpaid, for the purposes of listing a default on your credit file.

We hold your personal information in a combination of electronic and hard copy files. We may store your personal information with a third party data storage provider. We may combine personal information we receive about you with other information we hold about you. This includes information received from third parties. We take all reasonable steps to ensure that the personal information we hold is protected from misuse, interference and loss, and unauthorised access, modification or disclosure by the use of various methods, including secure storage. Where we store your personal information with a third party data storage provider, we require them to keep it secure and only use or disclose it for the purpose for which it was provided. Please contact us immediately if you become aware or have reason to believe there has been any unauthorised use of your personal information that we hold.

If you would like to find out what information we have about you, please contact us at We will ask that you put your request for access in writing and provide us with proof of your identity. You may be charged an administration fee when we provide you with the requested information to cover our time and postage and handling or retrieval costs. We will generally provide you with access to your personal information that we have about you, but sometimes that will not be possible, in which case we will give you a written notice explaining why.

If you think that any personal information we hold about you is inaccurate, incomplete, out-of-date or irrelevant, you may ask us to correct it. We will take reasonable steps to correct it unless we disagree with your reasons. If we refuse to correct your personal information we will give you a written explanation why.

If you believe that we have breached your privacy or have any questions in relation to this Privacy Policy, you can contact us We will investigate any complaint, and notify you of our decision in relation to the complaint, as soon as practicable after it is received. If we are unable to satisfactorily resolve your concerns about our handling of your personal information, you can contact the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner.

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